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Uuh… it’s hard to explain, it’s a burden that just appears out of nowhere and fucks you up for days. Ignoring it is not easy. It takes over you and even tends to distort your perception of reality turning it into a living nightmare. It’s awful and terrifying.





say those three words and i’m yours

Legend of Zelda

50% off goodwill

kentucky fried chicken

nash grier obituary 

first pizza slice

endless powered dildo

$0.99 gas prices

40 oz slushies

Homestuck has updated


honestly my favorite thing ive ever made in photoshop is catloaf


my graphic arts teacher hung it on the wall in the ga computer lab


the truth is out there.

“There’s that word again. Need. I need you. I need you to need me. How nauseating, to need another human being, as if their heart is in your throat. Love isn’t about need. Don’t romanticize the notion of desperation. Let me let you in on a secret: you don’t need me and I don’t need you. We can get through life just fine without each other. Love is not wanting to. We want each other, we want skin and hands and all our daily scars. We want intoxication and art museums and intertwined limbs. We want ferocity in our lips and tracing slow, small circles on our stomachs. I don’t need you in my life, but goddamn I want you in it.”

- All the Want in the World Cannot Fit in Our Hands (via blackbruise)

(Source: typewriterdaily)